Getting Emotional

Emotions cheering is an essential part of football. Happiness, despair, euphoria, frustration - you can experience a whole range of emotions during a single game. And let's be honest, without emotions football wouldn't be the same. For the 2018 Champions League Final. Lay's has created an experience zone for fans to express and share their football emotions in a unique, engaging, and playful way.

Engaging the fans

At the heart of the activation, we created 3 fan games where fans could  unleash their football emotions 
and enjoy Lay’s more than ever.


Keep on moving

Fans try to generate as much positive energy watching the clip as possible. Wave your arms, stomp your feet or jump up and down. The more you do, the more energy you generate, and the more the background lights up.

Follow The Squad

Follow The Squad - Here, fans try to match the squad's movement that is shown in the screen. Show your football emotion in an expressive way.

Make Some Noise

Are you hot or cool? Hear the roar of the crowd in the oversized speaker and scream "GOOOOOAAAALLLL! The louder you cheers, the hotter you get. The color of the screen will react to how hot or cool you are.